Moleskine: New Doodles Collection @ Target

Moleskine just announced today a new collection called Doodles. They will be launching exclusively at ®Target. Similar to their partnership with Barnes & Noble, ®Target now has a slice of the ever expanding “moleskine-pie”.

All corporate bickering and “the man” speeches aside, this is a smart business move for Moleskine. @Target is gigantic untapped source for Moleskine expansion. We shall see what happens.

Honestly, they really aren’t anything new. But it’s just a fresh look and way for Moleskine to break into this new area/market.


From the press release today:

“Moleskine presents a new collection of notebooks launching exclusively at Target.

The collection includes ten notebooks from the Moleskine classic collection, accented with a colorful embossed covers and matching paper bands that celebrate one of three themesCreativityMemories, or Daily Life.

Each notebook features iconic Moleskine design and functionality, including rounded corners, strong elastic band closure, expandable inner pocket, and an insert explaining the history of the legendary notebook. Available in two popular sizes in either black or red hardcover, the Doodles Collection brings imagination and creativity to the everyday.

Doodles are fun and easy. They surround, emphasize, and point. Doodles intersect, separate, and run parallel. They accumulate, layer by layer, like the concentric circles on the cover of each notebook in the Moleskine Doodles Collection. Doodles capture the tales, moments, ideas that make up our lives. Our lives are a doodle of storylines waiting to be captured and shared.”

I’m a sucker, so I’m gonna buy them, regardless of how others feel about their relationship with @Target (i.e. “selling-out”, etc).