Gear Test: Columbia Bugatech Lite Omni-Heat Boots

It has been a delight to test out these stellar boots by Columbia.

These Bugatech’s are remarkably light. I noticed their lean design the moment I picked up the package from my door step.

I paired the Columbia BugatechTM Lite Omni-Heat® boots with my 24” TSL “High-Road” snowshoes. The Bugatech’s locked into my TSL snowshoes like they were made for each other. As I tromped around in my snowshoes, they felt like an extension of my foot.

The Bugatech’s lean and efficient construction made it a joy to snowshoe for 2 hours, even in uber-deep snow. Their lightweight design minimized fatigue and clumsiness.

We have over 2.5 feet of snow on the ground here in Fargo, North Dakota. I was able to get out and snowshoe in a wooded park near our home (Island Park). I tromped through 24”+ of fresh powder for about 2 hours. It was all trail cutting so I was pretty tired; I was sinking up to my knees with almost every step. It was a beautiful day, clear and crisp at about 10˚F.

The warmth of the Omni-Heat® technology and the 200g Thinsulate® is impressive. I was in knee deep powder for 2+ hours with a 10˚F air temperature, and my feet were warm and dry the entire time.

The waterproof technology was also superb, there was not a fleck of dampness on my sock or foot during the hike or afterward.

I feel the fit is true to size. These Bugatech’s were nice and snug with a good thick sock; I felt no slippage in the heel or any rubbing anywhere.

Fit & Feel:
The boots felt stiff enough to support the ankle and arch, but not too stiff that they were uncomfortable over a longer period of time.  Even when I walked over more rough and uneven terrain the boots offered solid stability and control.

General Wear:
The Bugatech’s are great even for just wearing around town, shoveling the drive, or running errands, etc. Again, the comfort and lightweight design make them ideal for active snowshoeing or just wearing around town. The boots feel and fit like quality hiking boots made for snow!

I highly recommend these boots to anyone looking for a lightweight, capable, and versatile boot that can go anywhere and master the elements, whether that be slugging through 2 feet of powder in subzero temperatures or beating the chill while shoveling the driveway.

For more information check out the Columbia® website.
See the rest of my photos on Flickr.