Dodocase for iPad » ISO50 Blog

Another Moleskine-look-alike iPad cover/case. Nice. Well done, well executed. If I had the cash kickin’ around for an iPad, I’d probably drop the $$ for one of these too.


Amazon: Moleskine Folio iPhone Cover – Not worth $$$

I love that Moleskine finally got around to making a cover/case for our beloved Apple products. But it is not worth $55. Period. (I don’t care what they make it out of.) This had better be a price-jump because it is still pre-order. Not impressed. I won’t be getting one.

DSLR + iOS Wireless Photos » ISO50 Blog

Automatically transfer photos from your DSLR to your iOS device as you take them. Or use your iOS device to take photos through your DSLR! Crazy sweet … but, I wonder what the transfer rate is … ?