Action Method Notebooks At Barnes & Noble

I stumbled across these at Barnes & Noble when I was there a few weeks ago. The wife and I were just grabbin’ some coffee on a date night. I dragged her over to the notebook/journal section so I could get my fix, and there they were!

This whole Action Method is a productivity system for capturing creative ideas. It was developed by the folks over at Behance. Here is a rundown of the Action Method methodology:

“There are too many ideas in the world, and not enough action. Without organization and productivity, brilliant ideas never happen.”
Action Method Online is a radically different approach to productivity, designed to simplify project management and life.
All of life can be divided into “projects” – the categories we use in our minds to separate and make sense of what we need to accomplish (e.g. “the party I’m planning,” “client X,” “event Y,” “finances”). The Action Method helps you manage your projects starting with the most basic elements – always with an emphasis on action.

  • Action Steps – Action Steps are tasks that need to be completed. Each Action Step should start with a verb: “Call Y,” “Follow up with X,” “Buy a gift for Z.”

  • References – References are notes, links, files, sketches – any information related to a project that gives context to your Action Steps.

  • Backburners – Backburners are the brilliant ideas that you want to come back to later, but are not yet actionable.

  • Discussions – Discussions enable you to manage ongoing conversations across all of your projects with anyone that works with you. All relevant communications (shared documents, solutions to problems, feedback, decisions) are in one place.

  • Events – Events are the key occasions/meetings/milestones/etc toward which you (and your team) are working. Events can be used to coordinate deadlines for Action Steps, aiding project management.

  • So, like myself, you are wondering where you can get your sticky little paws of some of this sweet merchandise. Well, as the photos above show, your local Barnes & Noble might just carry them on the shelf. If not, the whole collection is, of course, available online at the Behance Creatives Outfitter store.

I just picked up one of these Dot Gird Journals today! So stoked!


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