The Pen Addict: Ink Links

— Pen-o-phile  (VintageJeannie)

— Found: Moleskine Doodles | jonbeckett  (0MAk0’s Posterous)

— Pentel: Tri Erase  (RE:Wolf)

— User review: Lauren on the Habana  (Quo Vadis Blog)

— Line Width Comparison  (Pocket Blonde)

— Welcome to the new Notebookism  (Notebookism)

— Do you have a favorite color for editing or correcting?  (Rhodia Drive)

— Review: Aurora Ipsilon Fountain Pen  (Spiritual Evolution of the Bean)

— Copying Pencils  (Palimpsest)

— Raspberry Lamy Al-Star Founatin Pen  (Pocket Blonde)

— Pencil review: Derwent Graphic  (Pencil Talk)

— Aurora Ipsilon Satin Extra Fine Fountain Pen Review  (Office Supply Geek)

   (P.S. Be sure to read the great conversation in the comments section)

— J. Herbin Rose Tendresse  (La Plume Etoile)

Check it out. All things ink and paper : )


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