Sorel: Not just a pack boot company

I have known about the brand of Sorel for a very long time.

I always knew of them as “the best boots money can buy”, according to my Dad. So my sister and I would always get Sorel boots for winter growing up in Minnesota. We needed the best.

My Dad and I would deer hunt in the winter and sit for hours on end at our stands. What would be on our feet? Sorel boots. My Dad still has this ancient pair of Sorel boots that he just keeps holding onto. They must be at least 25 years old (practically as old as I am). I think they were his father’s boots. They have kept so well. The only maintenance he has had to do on them is put a bit of sealant around the seems as they have cracked a bit over the decades.

I still have my pair of Sorels that Dad got for me back in high-school (I need to get new felt lines for them). They are rated to -40˚F, and we tested that growing up in Minnesota! On “snow days” when school was cancelled because of -50˚F windchill, my buddies down the street and I would go outside and play all day in the snow, making forts, sledding, snowball fights, etc.

I love winter, and Sorel boots have allowed me to enjoy it to the full over the years.

What Sorel says about themselves:

“At Sorel, we make footwear that is honest, uncomplicated, and unpretentious. We believe that form follows function, and that the result is often quite beautiful. Since 1962, we’ve put craftsmanship first in the pursuit of making products that last. We believe that when your feet are taken care of, you can be more spontaneous, and that your boots should last as long as the experiences you have in them. We believe in being effortlessly outdoors no matter what the elements.”

Now that I’m done being all sentimental about Sorel … lets talk about what’s new. The above website photo is not what I knew Sorel to be. They have broken out of the mold as of late.

This type of boot is what I knew Sorel to be about:

A rough and tough pack-boot company. They made the best to withstand the worst. This was Sorel to me.

But now I am seeing trendy fashionable footwear come from Sorel, with the same timeless and enduring quality craftsmanship! I looked at their website earlier this year and saw sweet kicks like these:

I could totally see myself jumping into these to run out and get the mail, cruise to the local drugstore to grab some milk, take the dog out, or just bum around town. Love it. Warm, casual, quality style.

The Fairbanks boot is especially chill. I could totally dig this for rockin’ around town during the cold and wet winters. Yes.

I just about had a double-take! These are sweet! This is no longer the Sorel boot that I would wear in the woods, and then change out of for more stylish footwear to go out for the night. I would wear these around town! I’m diggin’ these new styles.

And that is not even taking into account all of the sweet new styles for the ladies!

Check out these chic kicks:

I won’t comment further on these styles as they are:

1. Way out of my league
2. Not my style
3. You know what I mean

But still … sweet!

Thank you Sorel, for making enduring quality products that are wicked stylish!

Check out for more info, photos, spec, etc!
Also check out their blog, and their Facebook page, and follow them @sorelfootwear on Twitter!

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