1 Sketch Per Day Challenge … Dare I?

I was just thinking the other day about challenging myself to 1 sketch per day (or one page in my sketchbook per day). The idea has grown on me.

So, today I have decided to challenge myself to make 1 sketch per day for the next 30 days. After which I will then evalute how it went and consider continuing or not. Can I make it to two months?

I haven’t had time to make this post until now, so I am actually on my 5th day into this personal challenge. So here are my 5 skecthes from the last 5 days. I will try and post the sketches here daily if possible, and in my Flickr account as well. Enjoy.


I am currently using a plain medium hardcover Piccadilly notebook for my sketchbook. It’s equivalent would be a plain large hardcover Moleskine notebook, the pages are roughly the same weight. 

Why this notebook you ask? Well, for 3 reasons: 1. I love that it is like a Moleskine. The shape, size, look, etc. I enjoy carrying it around, thumbing through the pages, etc. 2. It is cheap. When I bought this notebook at Borders last year, it was only $4.99 (I think these Notebooks have recently gone up in price to $6.99). I figured, rather than spending $16+ on a large Moleskine Sketchbook and have expensive-nice-paper-anxiety, I could buy this $5 notebook with thin paper (ghosting and bleed through issues) and skecth on only one side of the page and still get more for my money (and less anxiety)! 3. The size is great. You have plenty of room to sketch with your hand on the page. It isn’t too small that you feel creatively and techniquely cramped, but it isn’t so large that it daunts and intimidates you from actually sketching.

As for a drawing instrument I have been using the Sakura Pigma Micron 03 pen. It is pigment based ink that is waterproof, fade proof, and archival. For a review of this pen, check out The Pen Addict’s post here. Before I got the Sakura pens I was using a black Sharpie Pen.

What kind of sketch book(s) do you use?
What kind of writing instrument(s) do you use for sketching/drawing?

Also, all you sketch-heads should register with the SketchCrawl! This is basically an internet hub for those who love to sketch all over the world. They organize massive worldwide one day sketchathons every 2 to 3 months. It is great. I did my first one last fall. I forget about it every once in a while. But you should check it out. The next one is May 15th! In this forum you can find others who love to sketch in your area, meet up together and sketch for the day. I dig it. Check it out.

5 days and counting …

Get out and sketch!


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