Daily Sketch Challenge: Backlog of Sketches, Days 14-23

Still chuggin’ along on my personal daily sketch challenge for 30 days. Only 8 days left! I have been a bit delinquent in getting these scanned and posted. My bad. But here they are at least. Enjoy.

Here is the original Daily Sketch Challenge Post. Here are the subsequent posts, Day 6Day 7, and Day 8-9Day 10-11Day 12Day 13. You can also see all the sketches and more on my Flickr page.

Days 14-23 – You can see full descriptions and details on my Flickr page (above link).

Notebook: Piccadilly Medium Plain Notebook

Get out and sketch!


Loco Moco | Wikipedia

I have never had this, but it looks so good! I just heard about it recently from a friend who is from Hawaii. Apparently it is a staple dish down there (since I’m on a Hawaiian kick right now). Basically, it is rice topped with a beef patty, which is topped with eggs any style you like, which is then typically dowsed in beef gravy! Amazing! Gut bomb, but amazing!