How I use my Moleskine notebooks

I almost always have this Mini Moleskine Volant in my pocket (as you can see it is beat up a bit). I primarily use it to write down and memorize Bible verses; but sometimes I will also jot quick notes in it. One of the things I like a lot about it is that the 2nd half of pages are perforated. This is often helpful to jot down contact info or other stuff to give to someone randomly or spontaneously, almost like a custom business card.

This Large Squared Hardcover notebook is my daily workhorse. I usually go through one of these about every 8 months or so.

As you can see, I will sometimes paste things into it. I use it primarily as a daily journal or diary for thoughts, prayers, ideas, and meditations (often from my daily Bible reading). But I will also pick up scraps of paper, business cards, flyers, 1/4 cards, etc and paste them in and write about them. It sometimes becomes almost like a mobile scrapbook, or a traveling journal/diary.

So that’s how I use some of my Moleskine notebooks. How do you use your (Moleskine) notebooks? Sound off in the comments …


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