My Recent Moleskine Hacks

This is one I came up with a few months ago. I picked up this 2010 pocket Moleskine planner/diary + notebook last year. I loved the size, but I found that the notebook page next to each week (on the opposite page) wasn’t enough room for writing all of my to-do’s and notes.

So I decided to attach a Moleskine Cahier to the cover of the Planner for extra room for taking notes & to-do’s etc. I thought about gluing it, but paper clips seemed the smartest, quickest, and most temporary decision for the time being. I thought if I filled that Cahier up, then I could just paperclip in another one. This Cahier happens to be a pocket plain buff version. And it still fit great in my back pocket.

This is a hack that I had seen several places around online over the last year. I took at squared pocket softcover Moleskine notebook and divided it into 5 or 6 sections using different colored sticky notes. I used each section for a different purpose (i.e. notes, to-do’s, ideas, drawings, etc). I filled it up in about 6 or 7 months. I carried it everywhere with me as a BPN (back pocket notebook). I found the softcover was ideal for sitting on as opposed to the hardcover. Sometimes I would paperclip in blank 3×5 cards for jotting notes on to pass off to others for various reasons.

What are your (favorite?) Moleskine hacks? Sound off in the comments …


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