Backcountry Skiing/Snowboarding in Central NY

My buddy and I decided to finally get out and do some backcountry skiing/boarding like we had talked about for so long. We had our eye on this spot in the Finger Lakes National Forest for some time, but never got around to it. We finally hit it up. Check out the Google Map below:

<br /><small>View Backcountry Skiing/Boarding in a larger map</small>

Unfortunately, since it was so late in the season & it was so warm, the snow was really wet and heavy. So that made for a slow decent. We couldn’t even hit up the glades because we couldn’t get up the speed to continue the decent. So we ended up snowshoeing up a road closed for the winter and then riding back down.

It wasn’t the best, but at least we had a good experience.

Check out some video from it:

At the top for the 2nd time, ready to descend:

On the ride down for the 2nd and final descent:

Side note: I just wish I was back in Vermont during the 2007 Valentines Day Massacre! I had the extreme privilege of riding after that storm in Bolton Valley in VT. It isn’t the best resort, but the shear amount of snow made it so wicked gnarly you couldn’t even imagine complaining!

Gear Notes:


Lowe Alpine, Fall Line 35(L) (I think this is a discontinued model now)

I picked this up on for a song in 2009. Sweet deal. I use it everyday to go to campus for work, but it really thrives on the trail. It performed well on this trip. I used the diagonal ski carry method this time around, it worked like a charm. I was free to snowshoe without the skis hitting the backs of my legs. The load didn’t shift, and it was evenly distributed. Plus the attach and release system is simple, secure, and slick. This is a stellar pack all around. Love it.

Bladder – 70oz Camelback


I purchased this pair of K2 Fugitives (soft, buttery, twin-tipped, park/powder) skis 3 winters ago. They were $680 retail, I picked them up on for $140 (80% off!). Sick. They are great for powder, especially in the glades.


Look (aka Dynastar), NX 11 +

These have been great bindings. Safe, secure, great weight & strength transfer to the ski & edge. I had them mounted just behind center on my K2 Fugitives to adjust for ideal powder conditions. Hopefully I can get back into some powder regularly someday!

Boots – Dalbello (too old to matter, I got them in high-school)
Poles – Scott (too old to matter, I got them in high-school)


TSL, Take the High Road 25″ (The graphics on mine are a little different)

I picked these up in the fall at about $60 per pair. It was such an outrageous deal. My wife and I had been talking about getting snowshoes for a while. This was the perfect time. These have great stainless steel spikes, a quick and simple binding system that fits my Columbia boots (see below) perfectly, and an all around rugged construction. These have held up great (and I haven’t be easy on them). I look forward to many more hikes in them.


Cabela’s, Gortex Paclite Shell (mine is older and in red)

This is a great lightweight shell. It is breathable, no frills, no thrills. It sheds the water & the snow, and holds in the heat. No questions asked. Boom.

Pants – EMS System Three (they are great)
Gloves – Burton (too old to matter, I got them in high-school)


Spy, Targa II (the coloring on my pair is slightly different)

Great goggles. I have had mine since senior year of high-school, and they still work and look great. They rarely ever fog unless I am overheating in an extreme way. Nothing to complain about. Sweet ocular protection.


Smith, Holt (this is the closest to what the graphics look like, brown matte, etc)

Great helmet. Comfortable, warm, stylish, touch, etc. I haven’t cracked my head on anything yet (to really test it), but it has taken it’s fair share of beatings in the woods of Vermont.

Get outside!

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