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Back in the fall I went mountain biking for the 2nd time over in Shindagin Hollow in Central New York state. It was stellar.

We have had a fair amount of rain at that time, and so our 2.5 hour ride through the woods was nice and muddy. It was really muddy actually. It was so much fun. Some of the “puddles” (more like small ponds) we rode through were 18″ deep (aka you dunk your pedals and cranks). We were thoroughly spattered and tired by the end.


Here are some maps of the single track mountain bike trails around Shindagin Hollow.

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shindaginbikemap.pdf (251 KB)

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shindaginhndbkmp.pdf (288 KB)

I’ve been snowshoeing around on these trails recently. More on that later …

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Moleskine® – New Additions to the Folio Collection

I don’t see them out yet, but it will be sweet!
This is from an old press release back in October 15th, 2009:

Six New Pieces in the Moleskine Folio Collection

√ Post-it Pocket (ruled and plain in one pack)
√ Card Pocket (20 pcs in one pack)
√ Soft Document Holder
√ Moleskine Printable A4 Paper
√ Ring Binder
√ Ring Binder Organizing Set

Expandable Inner Pocket
Dividers (6) 
Adhesives for Personalization

Apparently it is to be released sometime this year (2010). I have attached the PDF, check it out!

Moleskine® – Exclusive Pure White Edition!

This is epic. The quintessential “little black notebook” has just allowed it’s iconic brand to go rogue. Introducing, the now quintessential “little white notebook”. Amazing. I am surprised that they allowed this custom edition, but it makes sense. It’s about freedom of expression, the brand itself. Creativity. Unwritten. Etc.

Must have. Love it. Dah!

Here is a detail from the website:

“The first entirely white Moleskine notebook — created exclusively for yoox.com — is a limited edition of the legendary notebook used by artists and writers around the world. Simple and classic, yet always innovative, this version has a hard cover with lined, bleach-free pages: perfect for writing and note-taking. One interior pocket in the back comes with a page narrating the history of the Moleskine brand.”

You can find it and purchase it here for $29.

Journals: A Random Outing

One day, a long while ago, I took a saunter through the local book shops and stumbled upon these. Enjoy. This is a mish-mash of photos I have had on my desktop far too long.

Whenever I look at old typewriters I have this urge to become a writer. Or at least the urge to become an emo-hipster-poser-writer. I must resist.

This little strange yet genius leather covered stool/butt-sling is awesome. I want one. The leather is even worn in like a quality bomber jacket.

Of course, the latest Moleskine date books at Borders. Love it.