Another Great Meal | Chicken & Sweet Potatoes

Chicken sauteed in white wine, garlic, and other stuff; with roasted sweet potatoes. Stellar! My wife is amazing.


New Apple Products | Macbook, iMac, Magic Mouse

Multi-touch surface for browsing the web in 360˚, control click (2nd mouse button) w/o touching the keyboard, zoom in/out, etc. And of course in a sleek uniform & symmetrical package. Amazing.

LED backlit display! The clarity & brightness will be astounding I’m sure. Some cell phones now have a similar LED backlit display and they are brilliant.

With a new unibody design like the Macbook Pro line. Excellent & attractive as usual.

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Harry Potter Illustrated Movie Posters

I was checking out the TBP (The Best Part) blog (excellent resource for graphic design and typography examples & inspiration; check it out and subscribe!), and I saw this great post on modern day movie posters redesigned.

As I tracked down the original post over at Alice’s blog “My Modern Met”. There, I found these sweet illustrated posters of the Harry Potter movies! Love it. Enjoy.

Check out the artist’s post (M.S. Corley) here. Great stuff!

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