Experimenting w/ Newsprint | MAk Design

A few weeks ago I began experimenting with running newspaper (print) through my HP inkjet printer. I can’t remember what inspired me, but I just whipped up a design or 2 to slap on a legal size sheet of newsprint that I cut out from the USA Today.

I liked the mundane repetition of numbers on the daily stock reports, and the wild colors of the weekly weather forecast page.

Here is what I’ve come up with so far (I’d love to hear what you think). I need to run other things through my printer (i.e. brown paper bags, other random paper scraps, packaging, etc. I’ll keep you posted on the results. What have you run through your inkjet?

I like how the colors turned out in the negative & positive space in this one.

This is a typeface that I have been working on recently. I haven’t ‘named’ it or anything yet. But it has been a fun project. I’ve never designed a typeface before, at least not to the point of making it functional. Any good sites or DIY articles/resources you would recommend?

Anyway, I just slapped it on the daily market trends page. I like it.

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