Newsfire RSS Reader

I’ve been using Newsfire (RSS reader) for the last few weeks now. Part of the reason I tried it out was because my Google Reader was chalked full to the gills ready to burst with 800+ new items to view. I needed a change. So I stumbled upon Newsfire, and installed it hoping that it would re-inspire me to slug through all those unread items.

It seems to be working so far. I have been plugging away at it pretty hard for 2 weeks, and I have gotten my list down to 299! What up!

I love the ease of use, the pretty graphics (I’m a sucker, why do you think I have a Mac?), simplicity, etc. If (when) I get an iPhone, I’m gonna download Dave’s Ski Lodge App for sure!

David Watanabe, the designer/builder, has a host of other stellar iPhone apps and applications (for Mac) that are really well made. Check them out here!

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