Hike 1 > Glen Eyrie, Colorado Springs, CO

As a regularity, I hope to be hiking. Also, as a regularity, I hope to be posting those hikes (photos, video, thoughts, experiences, etc) on this blog. Partially in hopes that it will get me out more, and partially because the outdoors is just a passion of mine. So let’s do this …

Hike 1 – Glen Eyrie, Colorado Springs, CO

I was out at the Glen for work. It was pretty busy, but my buddy Luke and I got a quick hike in one night. We hiked up the fire road behind the Glen’s castle. We followed that up to the top of the ride behind the castle (see photo below).

You can see the pick in the top center of the photography, there is actually a radio tower or something up there. You may not be able to see it. But it’s up there. We hiked up to the top of that. (All photos taken from my phone, I apologize for the lack of quality.)

This is the view we got of Colorado Springs below.

The is my buddy Luke and I at the top. I know, it’s ridiculous. It was dead dark outside; I used the flash on my LG Dare phone. It was insanely bright. Clearly, you can tell by my expression. We tried it twice, but this is the best I could muster. Apparently Luke didn’t have an issue. (I’ve got night vision, that’s why I had to squint …)

Here is a Google Map of our route, just under 2 miles.

<br /><small>View Hike > Glen Eyrie, Colorado Springs, CO in a larger map</small>

I didn’t actual expect us to hike all the way up, but we did. I was wearing my Patagonia clogs that I got at Sierra Trading Post last year, ha-ha. My calves were toast afterward. And I had my Patagonia fleece that I got at the Burlington, VT Outdoor Gear Exchange (2nd hand rack, $20!), but it was too hot for that.

While we were out at the Glen, we also saw some wildlife:

Crazy sheep.

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