Dyson Air Blade – Hand Dryer

I am at the Houston air port. I go to the men’s room, and this crazy contraption is attached to the wall. I think this made by the same Dyson that makes vacuums

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2 thoughts on “Dyson Air Blade – Hand Dryer

  1. I was in a club the other night and I saw one of these, there was all mould growing out of it! It was disgusting!! Can you imagine the amount of germs it would be blowing onto your hands???? Eww I would never put my hands in a Dyson.

    Our office has had Mitsubishi Jet Towels installed for well over a year now, and we have had no problem with them, the floors are always clean as the water doesn’t spill on the floor and it is much gentler on the hands (we’re a health and safety firm as you can probably guess!)

    I think Jet Towel is the new hand drying!

    • That sounds really nasty! Sick.

      Though it was, of course, not the Dyson hand dryer’s fault.

      Jet Towel sounds interesting. How does it work?

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