Screen Printing | That’d be fun …

I was checking out this post from Graphic Hug (check it out for sure), and I longed to get back into screen printing again. So many possibilities (paper, cloth, clothing, etc). I had a great time with it in undergrad. The hands on process is just fantastic. It would be a really fun hobby/art form to do on the side. Maybe someday.

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Harry Potter Illustrated Movie Posters

I was checking out the TBP (The Best Part) blog (excellent resource for graphic design and typography examples & inspiration; check it out and subscribe!), and I saw this great post on modern day movie posters redesigned.

As I tracked down the original post over at Alice’s blog “My Modern Met”. There, I found these sweet illustrated posters of the Harry Potter movies! Love it. Enjoy.

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Kookaburra Liquorice | Really Good

You may not like black licorice. I used to not. But, as it turns out, I was just eating crappy black licorice (i.e. the black jelly bean – so nasty). So I encourage you as well (if you are a current hater) to check out quality, real, licorice.

This stuff is fantastic. My wife and I are chillin’ at a local coffee shop (Ithaca Coffee Company) and we picked up some of this to munch on as we hang out. Wow, it is a full flavored, chewy, molassesy-goodness experience from Australia.

I would also recommend Panda Licorice. Also very good.

Experimenting w/ Newsprint | MAk Design

A few weeks ago I began experimenting with running newspaper (print) through my HP inkjet printer. I can’t remember what inspired me, but I just whipped up a design or 2 to slap on a legal size sheet of newsprint that I cut out from the USA Today.

I liked the mundane repetition of numbers on the daily stock reports, and the wild colors of the weekly weather forecast page.

Here is what I’ve come up with so far (I’d love to hear what you think). I need to run other things through my printer (i.e. brown paper bags, other random paper scraps, packaging, etc. I’ll keep you posted on the results. What have you run through your inkjet?

I like how the colors turned out in the negative & positive space in this one.

This is a typeface that I have been working on recently. I haven’t ‘named’ it or anything yet. But it has been a fun project. I’ve never designed a typeface before, at least not to the point of making it functional. Any good sites or DIY articles/resources you would recommend?

Anyway, I just slapped it on the daily market trends page. I like it.

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YouWorkForThem (YWFT) – Free Stuff!

I had the pleasure of seeing 

Mike Cina (one of the founders of YWFT) speak at a Tweed Museum Lecture series back during my undergrad. He was very inspiring and challenging. I remember he said, “80% of the work that you produce should be personal.” Holy crap! (He told some crazy stories about him working 8-10 hours and day at some job, then coming home and working on personal design projects to like 2am?!)

Cina is a multi-discipline creative. Graphic design, typography, motion graphics, and spinning house music. Yes, house music. Awesome. Gnarly. (That’s probably why I like Tycho/ISO50 so much as well – Designer/Musician)

He also inspired me to start carrying around a small notebook to capture creative thoughts, ideas, photos, scraps, drawings, ideas, textures, etc. I still do that today.

Typeface: Skute

YouWorkForThem is an award-winning group of artists that produce some of the most groundbreaking design work available today. Our website not only showcases products such as typeface, stock design, art prints, and t-shirts produced exclusively by the group themselves, but also offers an impressive selection of books, magazines, videos and more featuring the best in contemporary design from around the world.”

So head on over to either site, peruse their excellent collection of vectors, books, publications, typefaces, brushes, etc … oh, and grab some freebies while you’re at it! Enjoy.

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