Parsimonious Melodies

So, my wife and I have been thrifting for furniture. We’ve been checkinCraig’s List, thrift stores, furniture stores, outlets, warehouses, friends’ basements, etcetera. We’ve run the gamut of possibilities.

So we’re in this thrift store checkin‘ out some different items, and we come across this monstrosity. It’s big, it’s old, it’s fake wood & orange/brown carpeted. Oh yea. Bring it.

We’re takin‘ a look at it, messin‘ with it, etc. We see the orange note card scotch taped to the top of one of the Formica panels, it reads: “Radio works. Phono needs cleaning. $10″

My wife and I looked at each other, Phono?” It turns out, the top Formica panels slide in both directions, one on top of the other in separate tracks to reveal: this is not just a gargantuan side table this is an old-school built in phonograph/radio! Sweet!

A Magnavox Solid State radio & phonograph. Solid state meaning that it no longer uses tubes, it uses transistors. Sassy.

I was hesitant at first to purchase such a large, vintage, potentially doesn’t work, piece of historic furniture. But, eventually, my wife convinced me, “It’s just $10.” So we snagged that beast.

Later that day, we picked up a vinyl copy of Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suites 1 & 2 fro 25c. Sweet.

Lindsay and I came & picked up the monster later that day and brought it back to her folks place. We plugged it in, and sure enough, the radio rocked the kazbah. Totally old-school fake chrome dials & the vertical tuner bar. Beautiful.

Oh, and did I mention the built in vinyl album storage compartment? Awesome.

We put the Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite on the phonograph and … nothing happened. The table didn’t even turn. So my father-in-law and I investigated. We found that the rubberized driving wheel was not making contact with the motor spindle. So we loosened the joint nut that was inhibiting it from getting the proper contact, and voile. Gorgeous, sweet, melodious nut-cracking rhythms floated gently from the orange & brown polyester covered speakers.

Some of the best $10 I’ve ever spent. It will be an excellent addition to our new apartment.


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