Constant Companions

Due to the nature of my vocation (campus chaplain of sorts), I quite often have a Bible with me. I usually have a Timbuk2 slung over my shoulder carrying my Bible, planner, and Moleskine journal. These three items are very dear to me, for organizational purposes, emotional purposes, and Truth purposes. They rarely leave me side.

I felt it necessary to photo the stack of the three together. I intentionally purchased a black slim line Bible to match my Moleskine, as well as the black planner. This creates a nice cohesive, streamlined stack of portable necessities. Delicious.

I appreciate order and organization. I also appreciate balance and imbalance. I like routine, it’s necessary in my life. But I also appreciate and instigate change, in my life and the lives of those around me. I like the mold, and I also like to break the mold. Hence purchases like skate shoes, bright blue laptop protector cases (with purple corduroy lining), and pink email templates. Chump.

I also, about 2 months ago, purchased a Moleskine 18 Month Large Hardcover Weekly Planner. Yummy. I am excited to have a photo shoot with it, post it, and blog about it’s beauty, engineering, and genius. It goes from July 2008 to December 2009, so I can use my old Week-At-A-Glance planner till december when it runs out, and start using the Moleskine planner for a whole year. I am so stoked.

I have also, just recently, converted my wife over to Moleskine. We are going to order her a Moleskine planner as well. Yep, she understands the genius. I always knew she would see the light.

Enjoy some eye candy.


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