Keyboards & Skate Shoes

I saw this keyboard, and I knew I had to take a photo of it, post it, and blog about it. So, here we are. It’s old. It’s vintage. It’s yellowing because of the florescent light that it has been slaving away under for so many years. And yet, there is a certain nostalgia to it, is there not?

I can just hear the springy ring of each key as I strike it sharply. “P-CHING!” “E-CHING!” I love it. I can just feel the vintage when I use it, when I type on it, when I enjoy it, when I take pleasure in it. Delicious.

I love those smooth cream/beige/off-white/old-yellowish tones. It just smacks of emo-computing. Fantastic.

I think I want to own one sometime, just because of the sound. It’s like that writer guy from ‘You’ve Got Mail’ who buys all those old type writers, because they sound great. Just like that. Beautiful.

Now the skate shoes, on the other hand, are not ‘old-school’, like the Dell QuietKey keyboard. But, they are sort of a vintage ‘throwback’, with the plaid remix, the browns, and the gum sole. But, that’s precisely what makes them so sweet.

I kept looking at them sitting on the floor by the entryway as I walked back and forth most of the morning, the other day. I just kept looking at them. Finally, I photographed what was pricking my creative senses.

I originally purchased them in one of those scary, impulsive, artistic moments. I felt that I would look cool in skate shoes. I felt that I could rock ’em, and rock ’em well. Some doubted. But that’s ok. I was a bit nervous myself.

I originally wanted to purchase the Gravis Lawrence in brown pinstripe. But I couldn’t find them on sale anywhere; what a shame. I was ‘this close’. But it was probably for the best. I found these skaters on sale at Piper Lime. But, if these DC Wenning‘s (dark chocolate) crap out on me (I’ve heard the soles can separate from the shoe, if you skate in them [not me]), I’m pickin’ up the Gravis Lawrence.

*I couldn’t decide which shoe photo I liked better/best, so I had to post them both. I love the wood grain in the lower shot, but the angle with the ‘big toe’ in the other is really nice.


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